Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, all have one thing in common, YOU!

"Live Life, Don't Let Life Live You!"

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Books are in !!!

Hey friends... I know it has been a great while. Short and simple, the Books are back in stock! Thank you so much to all those that have purchased a book,


Do you read?

I asked you, do you read for a reason. There is this book, it is called the"Inspiration Bible". It is not a bible per say...It is more than that! This


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Who am I ?

Mark Wariner is a published author, a mentor, speaker, and entrepreneur.! Mark is widely recognized for his 20+ years or experience in the Information Technology, and Social media industry. He has inspired many lives around the world. If you would like to hire Mark, please head to the Contact Page, fill out the form and hit Send Message.

To Inspire you!

If you put your heart and mind in you, then you have the tools to make your dream & goals come true. I work with some of the best people in their industry, it’s my honor! I am proud to be a part of their goals and dreams!

Mark Wariner / Mark on the Move

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” Live Life, Don’t Let Life Live You! “