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About Me

I love what I do & I embark on some of the most amazing adventures doing what I love. Not perfect, But I'm worth it.

My motto and trademark

"Live Life, Don't Let Life Live You!", circa 1986, by Mark Wariner

My journey.
Life is not always going to go in the direction you seek. I am the kind of person that likes to try many different things. Not a master at anything really, that being said, I am good at many things. Like, Woodworking, building things, designing ideas on paper etc etc. 
I started out in the wood working world early on and then moved into the IT world. Worked in that for many years doing different things till I landed a really good opportunity. In the early 90’s I became one of the youngest and early adopters of becoming a CIO, Chief Information Officer. This of course was after being an IT Admin or in those days an NT Administrators. I worked for a dairy manufacturer and went on to become their first and in Dallas Texas one of the first CTO’s, Chief Technology Officers. I combined two different companies with 256 dairy locations and at the same time prepared for Y2K, remember that? 
At some point life was not where I wanted it to be. I had already started a small company and got bit by becoming an entrepreneur. It was then time for me to part the 80 hour work week. Loved the job but hated the time it took from me to enjoy life on the outside.
I departed that life and went into business fully. I started a web hosting and design company. Became a reseller for GoDaddy and I still do that today. The company changed a few names but remained the same in sales and service. Today that company is LUNATIC Digital
At some point I had the wild hair idea to start another business. Back in to woodworking so I thought, this time I went into construction. I started North Texas Home Repair. Ran it well for 11 years. Then I was done. 
Back into my other business I went. Well, not really. See I forgot to tell you how much years back I loved radio. I DJ’d for a few years in the late 90’s and loved it. So I got back into radio and boom, I started my own company with a few partners. Eventually I went on my own way but kept the name, KVGI Radio. I went on to have 3 total company radio stations. KVGI Radio which was talk radio, KVGI Music that was all music and then KVGI Sports that did just that, sports shows and live events. Today that company is gone due to the pandemic of 2020. I have re-started the process and idea to go back into radio. That company is now called RAVN Radio, WHo ya RAVN about? This will be dedicated to independent artists from around the world. Set to launch in 2022.
I do podcasting for a few clients and I have 2 of my very own small shows. Live Life Podcast, and The Mentor Project.You can find us on all the podcast platform from Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon and so many more.
My personal life which is mostly secret. I am married, and have two dogs. Luna and RAVN, both are Belgium Sheepdogs. Born and raised in Texas I finally made the move in 2019 to move to Michigan. I moved here with my wife
 That pretty much gets you caught up. Yes I missed a few things, and no I did not expand on many things. You can always ask me and I might tell you more. Just tell me the secret password and we can chat about it. 
My final thoughts.
I truly am an amazing person and love everyone. I am genuinely a happy person 99% of the time. Some of us tell others we can not sell or ever want to sell. We can sell what and when we want and we can do it with so much passion. I do not like to sell. If you lend me your ear I will talk and talk and talk.
For the most part I will explain to you how we have this one chance to live a great life. There is no good reason to be mean or violent. You see, we can choose who and what we want to be. That does not mean we can’t be sad or hurt, or even angry. What we do with that all depends on how we act.
Here is something hat may shock some of you. I love telling this. You can not change your past. It’s true you can’t. In fact, you can’t change the future either. That’s right, you heard me, you can not change the future. All you can do is change right now. So stop trying to change your past, you can’t, stop trying to be someone your not. Stop worrying about everything and worry about only what you can control.  Right now! No re-read that.
Movin on. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. Now, move on and don’t forget, I don’t bite so give me a shout out. I would love to hear your thoughts about life and your travels. We are in this life together, let’s live it to the fullest!
I almost forgot. I get asked all the time what does my trademark mean?
“LIVE LIFE, DON’T LET LIFE LIVE YOU!” – Live Life, that’s a given. Don’t Let Life Live You. Now that’s a tricky one, it simply means Live Life, do not let things in life get you down, do not think that you have no options. It’s ok to be sad, or even mad at times. You can fix that. Only you can find that happiness you desire. So in the end, Don’t Let The Life Live You! And this is a hard one to swallow, do not ever end, your life, that is.

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