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The Book of Reference

Inspiration Bible, not intended as an offense on religion, it’s a book of reference devoted to uplifting humanity.

The Journey Behind The ProjectIS-3

The early planning phases of the Inspiration Bible began in mid-2013 shortly after the idea for the project was formed. The book was originally planned as 150 people contributing two pages each, but after the first phase of planning, the vision morphed into 300 plus people writing a page each. It was during the early enrollment stages of the project where a Contributor suggested to turn the book into 365 submissions: providing one page of inspiration for every day of the year.

Contributors, like myself, began signing up to be part of the book, beginning a long journey to fill all 365 places in the book. People lined up from around the world to be part of the project as they heard about it through friends, family and associates. The book now has Contributors located in 15 countries around the world, making this book a truly global one.

  • There are 237 females in the book
  • There are 128 males in the book
  • Our youngest contributor is 3 years old
  • There are 17 contributors under the age of 18
  • The average age of the contributors is 41.5 years old
  • Contributors are located in over 15 countries – including Australia, Canada, United States, the UK, South Africa, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, India, Singapore and China.

The production phase of the Inspiration Bible kicked off in the first weekend of May 2014, as Emily Gowor reviewed all the submissions for and to the book. The entire production of the book – including the collection and review of stories, photos and Contributor details as well as the full publishing – spanned approximately six months.

The success of the Inspiration Bible has been largely due to the team behind it. I would like to acknowledge the following people and groups for their extraordinary contribution and effort to making the book and project possible!

  • Jamie Stenhouse – Marketing, Website Development & Project Planning
  • Rhi Butler – Project Management & Customer Service
  • Jason Best – Systems Planning
  • Nkandu Beltz – Event Planning for the Gala
  • Prabhul Sankar – Design of Contributor Flyers
  • Juraj Benak – Graphic Design for Cover File
  • Rae Antony – Project Support
  • Gowor International Publishing team – Publishing & Production

Emily Gowor extended the love and gratitude to the 365 individual Contributors who stepped forward to bear their hearts, minds and souls with the readers of the book. Without them, this book would not have been possible!

So, Who are the Contributors?

To meet the 365 individual Contributors of the Inspiration Bible book, click here!

Here is my official link: Mark Wainer

Why Is Every Second Book Being Given Away?guve

One of the components that we love the most about the Inspiration Bible is that it strongly engages people-power. It demonstrates what is possible when we become united towards a single purpose or, in this case, a global vision. The decision to give away every second book came about from Emily Gowor’s desire to make sure that as many people as possible get access to the inspiration they need to transform their life. See, she knows that many people in this world literally can’t afford a cup of coffee, let alone $30 to purchase a book. And, these people are often the ones who need hope the most. We also know that as humans, we have a natural, inherent desire to help the people that we care about: family, friends, clients, fans, followers and teammates. What better way to do this than to adopt a ‘BUY ONE, GIVE ONE’ philosophy into the project and turn it into a huge philanthropic effort for humanity? We believe that through giving away every second copy of the Inspiration Bible, that we really can influence hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lives.

As Margaret Wheatley said, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.”

I, Mark Wariner, encourage you to purchase this book today. Make a change in your life, and better yet, make a change in another person’s life! Help me “GIVE” a book to some one in need of a change in their life. My master plan is to “GIVE” a second book to a very large amount of people. My journey has started, will you help me make a difference?

Purchase Book

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