I ‘m back people!

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It has been a good while tince the site was up and had any content. Years back I created this site to connect with my friends and then in 2013-14 I helped write a book and the site became a place to sale it. And I did just that. Then like anything, you get busy in life and well, the site just sat there not being used.

In early 2022, I removed the site and decided it was time to do something about the site and create a whole new concept.

That concept and the new website is here and ready for your viewing pleasure. The site will house all my companies, my personal websites, my thoughts and ideas and all the non profit work I do.

That being said, I dio have 2 other sites that will sometimes be combined. LiVE LIFE PODCAST resides on the net to hold my podcast based on how good people live this great life. Though paused at this time, soon it will resume.

My other site is SIT DOWN SHUT UP and HANG ON and it a holding site for my journey and my story surviving esophageal cancer in 2021-present time.

All other site you may seen here are either one of my companies and or any of my non profit work.

There ya go, I’m back and ready to share world.

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