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Inspiration Bible

I’m inspired/pleased/proud to announce that the book I contributed to has now been published! The Inspiration Bible is a book of inspiring stories and messages from 365 people around the world.

I am now officially a published author!!


As an official Contributor in the heart-opening book for humanity, Inspiration Bible: The Unseen Force Transforming Lives Worldwide! This book shares my story/poem as well as 364 other people from over 15 countries; it will deeply move you. We are dedicated to spreading inspiration around the globe as every second book is given away for FREE to someone in need of hope/inspiration/encouragement!

1 book, 15 countries, 365 stories. Changing LIVES Globally!

#InspirationBible and #InspireSomeone

The book will be available to purchase very soon at I simply could not wait to let you know what has transpired over the last few hours and the many months before that went into becoming a part of an “INSPIRING”, life changing book full of uplifting stories, messages, and poetry that will help you live a magnificent life!

Last thing on this quick but astounding accomplishment for me, and the other 364 other co-authors, I have to give a HUGE thanks and love to my publisher, Emily Gowor at or Gowor International Publishing at Thank you Emily for all you have done, you are an amazing person and friend that has changed my life in more ways than words can describe.

Keep an eye on my site at for new updates, newsletter, stories, events both speaking and future book signings, and of course how to get the Inspiration Bible. A book that will uplift, change and inspire your life!



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