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Do you read?

I asked you, do you read for a reason. There is this book, it is called the“Inspiration Bible”. It is not a bible per say…It is more than that! This book, coming from 15 different countries, 365 Authors from the ages of 3 to 75.

Yours truly is in the book!Book-Open-2

So I ask you, if you read, then there is some one yo know that also reads. This is a GREAT time to purchase a book full of inspirations 365 days a year.

RIGHT NOW, go purchase the book!

Purchase Book

I have a goal in mind to give….For each book purchased, I will give a book to someone in need of inspiration. Right now, I am collecting books to be given to a select group of veterans, 185 to be exact. So, I need your help.

Even if you have already purchased the book, order one for someone you know that needs or could use this, give it as a gift this holiday season. Or, better yet, purchase the book for the Veterans in which I am collecting for. What an an awesome gift to give to those who have served. Will you help me reach the goal of collecting 185 books. At this time we are only 26 books collected.

Ordering is simple, click on link above and purchase book. If you are purchasing for a family member, or friend, GREAT, if you are purchasing to help collect for the 185 Veterans, please put that in the notes upon order. $30 gets 2 books collected. If you order one for yourself, one will be mailed to you and the 2nd book will be added to the collection.

It’s that time of the year, the GIFT of giving.



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