Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, all have one thing in common, YOU!

"Live Life, Don't Let Life Live You!"

10487468_10201997189324541_951503740734627820_n Mark Wariner is a mentor, entrepreneur, a published author & co-author of The Inspiration Bible, a book that has enhanced the lives of people around the world.

His motto: ”Live Life, Don’t Let Life Live You!“ #InspireSomeone

Mark’s background includes over 25 years in the fields of Internet technology, including: hardware, software, websites and social media.

One could say Mark is a serial entrepreneur, running two companies currently: KVGI Radio, and Mobile Lift Off. As Head Monkeybutt,(also known as the CEO) of KVGI Radio, Mark has built a radio station from the ground up with business partners Maj. Andrew White and Kevin Hodes. The station currently provides listeners 3 channels to experience from daily talk shows, to music, and sports. KVGI is also the official broadcast partner for the Texas Legends, Mesquite Marshalls and Mesquite Rodeo.

Mark is an avid philanthropist, and founded a charity along with Maj. Andrew White called Warrior Support Alliance. The mission for WSA is to help other military non-profits in the DFW area raise awareness for their causes, and provide them with additional financial support. Mark is also a Battle Buddy to other non-profit charities such as HCC, #22KILL, and Operation Rock the Troops.

Always on the move helping others, I dare you to follow me!

If you’d like to hire Mark to provide social media marketing consulting and training for your business and/or to speak at your next event, please visit this page: Contact Mark

BEFORE FAME: He was a hurdler and long distance runner, CTO of a dairy company, and an ex-gamer with the gamertag, Rocket455 or GamerHookup

TRIVIA: He ran one of the longest and largest running Bulletin Board System in the 1980s. His personal slogan is “Live life, don’t let life live you!”

FAMILY LIFE: He grew up in Irving, Texas and currently lives in Frisco, Texas

When speaking about Veterans he often says:

“They went off to battle, now it’s our time to go to battle, here on the home front.”